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As an independent clinic, we specialise in providing sports massage in Bedford and the surrounding areas. Established in September 2018 our expert team of therapists are on hand to provide assessment, massage and rehab programmes to clients from all walks of life. From professional athletes to office workers, builders and senior citizens, we tailor our treatments based on our clients specific requirements. We know that it’s not just sporty people who can benefit from sports massage treatment, regardless of your background or injury, our experts can help.

How sports massage could help you

On a daily basis, we see speak to a wide range of people about how sports massage can help with the day-to-day aches and pains. Many of our clients are surprised at the effect of their treatments and thus come back for injury prevention sessions afterwards. We value just how important it is to get people back on their feet which is why we offer a full care programme that goes beyond your treatment session in order to help get you on, and stay on the road to recovery.

Sports massage is a great way to alleviate most muscle tension, aches and pains that people pick up on a daily basis. By working to reduce the pain and increasing the range of motion and mobility of your joints sports massage can help to leave you reinvigorated and fighting fit.

Proud to partner with local businesses across Bedford

As a small business, we take an altruistic approach to our growth which is why we’ve spent a lot of time working with our partners and associates to grow our sports massage service in Bedford. As part of our offering, we work alongside other healthcare professionals from osteopaths, trainers and instructors helping us to deliver a flawless experience for everyone of our clients. We also partner with local sports clubs and organisations in order to promote all-round health and wellbeing which is something we’re incredibly passionate about.


How sports massage could help reduce injury

Whether you’re training for your first ever 5k or your fifteenth half-marathon in Bedford, sports massage can help keep you in optimum shape. Often seen as a remedial treatment, sports massage is also a great preventative measure for sports men and women. Many injuries often occur from overusing muscle groups causing pain and inflammation however regular sports massage sessions can help reduce the inflammation. It can also serve as a great way to treat yourself after your sporting event. Our therapists work with many clients to help reduce the risk of injury and delayed onset muscle soreness by aiding in the dissolving of waste fluids such as lactic acid that are a bi-products of vigorous exercise.

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Luke Wooding
Luke WoodingManager & Soft Tissue Therapist
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Luke Denham
Luke DenhamGraduate Sports Therapist
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We are affiliated with a number of industry bodies and local businesses, including Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Osteopaths. Ensuring we offer the best possible care to our patients