We thought you might have some questions

We thought you might have some questions before you arrive at your appointment so we’ve included below some of our most frequently asked questions.

How will I feel after my session?2018-07-29T18:59:50+01:00

The aim is for patients to feel less tension, more mobility and ‘freer.’ You may leave the session feeling sleepy or ‘washed out’ which is perfectly normal, and you may need to take it easy for the rest of the day. Ultimately, you should feel much better a few days after treatment.

How many treatments should I have?2019-04-30T13:45:07+01:00

This all depends on how quickly your body takes to repair. Some patients see dramatic improvements after just one or two sessions. However, more complex cases may require a series of treatment sessions i.e. a 6 week programme and a monthly maintenance massage thereafter. We will help advise, guide, and give you our honest option. We will not prescribe sessions if we do not feel it necessary, however, if we feel your condition is out of our scope of practice then we may suggest you see another healthcare professional such as a Chiropractor or Osteopath.

What can I expect in a treatment session?2019-07-24T13:35:38+01:00

Our session will begin with a discussion around your presenting complaint or injury. We kindly ask that you record some personal details on a Consultation Form and sign the company’s disclaimer. We will discuss your treatment session, set out your expectations and we will then happily answer any further questions which you may have. It may be necessary for us to carry out a postural assessment of your body and its movement patterns, prior to your treatment commencing. After treatment we will provide you with some aftercare advice & exercises for you do to at home.

Will the treatment hurt?2019-04-30T13:47:56+01:00

Sports massage is normally applied using firm, deep techniques in order to break down adhesions (knots and tension build up) and for the treatment to work successfully. Deep strokes can be deemed as painful when the initial pressure is applied, however this is only temporary, and steps will be taken to ensure that it remains within your personal pain threshold. It is likely that you may experience some discomfort for a few days after treatment – this is perfectly normal. Muscles begin to realign and repair, leaving you feeling a lot better in the long run! We will always gain regular feedback from you during sessions to ensure that you are comfortable and we welcome your feedback at anytime.

Will I bruise?2018-07-29T18:58:55+01:00

Due to the pressure and techniques used in sports massage, it wouldn’t be abnormal for bruising and redness to occur. Everybody’s skin reacts differently to pressure, some clients may be left with bruising or redness whilst others may not. Please rest assured this is never a ‘goal’ of massage but it does commonly occur.

How much do sessions cost and how can I pay?2019-07-24T13:37:51+01:00

Full payment is due at the end of your treatment session on the day of your appointment. Payment is accepted via bank transfer, credit/debit card or cash. Up to date prices are displayed on our prices page and when you make an appointment. Contact us for further details and latest offers.

I’m not sporty, is Sports Massage for me?2018-07-29T19:05:50+01:00

Sports massage is for everybody, it’s not just ‘sports people’ that will benefit from sports massage. We commonly see patients suffering as a result of their occupations and lifestyle. Nowadays, we lead busier lives and our jobs demand more of us. These adaptions to life mean more stresses and strains on the body, resulting in a build-up of tension within the muscles and fascia that surrounds the body. A list of common conditions that sports massage can help, can be found on the home page.

What should I wear?2019-04-30T13:48:56+01:00

You should wear loose fitting clothing, ideally exercise or sportswear. You will generally be treated in your undergarments, but please bring shorts for your own comfort if you’d prefer. Ladies – no sports bras please. We will do our upmost to make sure you feel comfortable and dignified at all times

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